Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 55: Thankful Today for the Kindness of a Stranger

I had a difficult time getting home last night. The rains flooded the main road that I needed. I tried two different highways and found the exits home blocked on both of them. The last attempt to exit, instead led me out of my way into an unfamiliar area. I followed the traffic and was finally able to leave the highway but had no clue how to get home. The GPS was no help because it kept directing me back towards the routes that were closed.

I pulled into a gas station and asked a lady for directions. She directed back to the highway I had left and was blocked. But a lady pumping gas overheard our conversation and volunteered to show me the way.

The floodwaters had left me frustrated and lost. The kindness of a stranger gave me hope and led me home.

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