Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 68: Thankful Today that I Broke Through the Freeze

 The class I have this semester has really been challenging. I have enjoyed learning so many new theories and technologies and educational techniques. But it's all so new to me and applying what I am learning has been difficult. There is so much information to process.

I have a major project I am working on that is due in a few weeks and we had a free week to work on it, without additional homework. But I was stumped. I was just so overwhelmed and unable to figure out how to even start, and so I just froze. I couldn't move forward and stressed about it the whole week.

 But then a breakthrough.

A prayer was answered and I switched gears. I had a new idea for my project. It is one that I think I can work through. I still need to stay prayerful, because now I have lost a week. I so wish I had come to this conclusion a month ago, or at least a few days ago. But I am thankful that I am no longer frozen in a state of overwhelmed and am now able to move forward. I guess I'll be spending the weekend in PJ's while I work on catching up.

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