Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 66: Thankful Today for My Local Hallmark Store

I don’t send many cards these days. It has just become less convenient than so many other alternatives: email, Facebook, a text, a phone call. But there are those occasions when a card is what's needed. At that time, I head to my local Hallmark store. There I know I will find the right card with the perfect message. I can always count on them to put to words what I am feeling and wrap it in a pretty picture, or humorous illustration.

I sometimes wish life wasn't so busy and I had the time to send cards at all occasions, to write a personal note in each one, and mail on schedule to arrive on that special day.  I wish so many others also weren't so busy. I sometimes fear with the pace of our lives and the demands on our time there are those personal rituals, like sending cards and writing letters, that are slowly becoming rare.

We should all take the time on occasion to slow down for moment and reconnect with friends and family, with a timeless and personal communication tool. It is one that the receiver knows was lovingly chosen by you, and personally touched with your signature or an intimate message. Let's sometimes send a card.

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