Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4: Thankful Today for Lunch Hour Bible Studies

I am thankful today for my lunch hour Bible Study. We wolf down our lunches then slip away to a quiet conference room away from all the commotion. Away from the talk of Friday night plans of happy hours, away from the demands of emails, away from the stress of rush projects. For one brief half hour in the day we talk of miracles, of the mysteries of God, of his strange affection for a being that continually rejects him. But yet he loves. We are amazed at the awesomeness of his power and the depths of his forgiveness. We discuss the short ministry he lived and prophecies of his coming. We reminisce about the ways he's touched our lives and the prayers he has answered. Then we close, with a moment of gratitude and requests for his continual guidance and protection as we walk back out into the commotion, the chaos. Hoping that we carry with us a spark of the light we just experienced. And we close.

Goodbye my lunch hour Bible Study partner. I wish you peace and favor where the Lord is bringing you. Thank you for sharing the Word with me and bringing a lift to the middle of my day. May the Lord bring us both new Bible Study partners to continue the lunch hour journeys we began. Next week is John Chapter 7. Write me and tell me what he speaks to you in it. Blessing to you and safe travels

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