Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 18: Thankful Today for My Co-Workers

I am thankful today for my Co-Workers. The job has been stressful lately, with rumors of more layoffs, bankruptcy, a sell-off of the company or possibly a shut down. Nothing has been confirmed but the talk has lowered the morale and increased the fear.

But I have those few co-workers who manage to cut through the tension and bring a smile. They find something to joke about or be hopeful about. They get past the rumors and instead talk of other things that inspire, and for a brief moment allow you to forget everything else. Or sometimes when the situation at hand weighs heavy they are able to lighten it with a look on the bright side. Or they express an exaggeration that tickles a laugh. If I could redefine the definition I would label them employees of the month.

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