Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 16: Thankful Today for Those Who Stood Up

I am thankful today for those who stood up for their belief in equality for all. I saw the movie: "The Help" recently. There were so many messages in the film. But what affected me most was the courage of the women who decided to reveal the truth. They told the stories of their lives in Mississippi during the 60's. They were "The Help." They cooked, cleaned and cared for the children of their employers. And though slavery had ended, in some cases they were still treated as if they were owned.

I am so grateful to the women, men, children, black and white who told the "truth" and stood up for equality. It is because of their courage and their sacrifice that others like me have more opportunities. In addition to the honorable profession of "The Help" we can be doctors, bankers, governors, social workers, designers, restaurant owners, journalists, CEO's, computer programmers, engineers, etc. They opened doors that my generation has the responsibility to keep open.

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