Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 113: Thankful Today for A Good Start to the Daniel Fast

 It's that time again, where I join with churches around the U.S. in a Daniel Fast. I do a bit of a modified progressive one that starts out more restrictive then the usual, but then becomes more like the popular Daniel Fast. This week is a diet of just fruits and vegetables. It cleanses the body and strengthens the spirit, as I have to lean on God and fill myself with Scripture to calm the food cravings. And eventually the cravings change as my spirit grows stronger, my mind refocuses, and my body begins to desire that which is good for it.

The Daniel Fast is a time that restores, renews, and resets, the spirit, mind and body as we fast, pray, fill up on the Word of God, and seek Him for direction for this season in our lives.

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