Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 177: Thankful Today We Weren't Noticed

An open dumpster is an open invitation to lunch for the neighborhood wildlife we unwittingly discovered. We pulled into the parking lot after enjoying a lunch away from the office. But just as I exited the car I saw movement at the dumpsters. It was walking on four legs instead of two. And it was soon followed by a similar creature of a larger size. A mother bear and her two cubs had just finished exploring our dumpsters. In a low voice I hoped was inaudible to the bears I warned my co-worker to be still and not make any sudden moves away from the car. We may have to jump back in. We stood frozen in fear, hoping to not be noticed.

Slowly the family strolled away to continue their normal lunch route. When we were sure it was safe to move, we quickly headed into the office.

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