Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 180: Thankful Today for a Vegan Thanksgiving

 I rarely cook Thanksgiving. If I don't spend it enjoying a meal at family and friends then I use the time to relax and recharge during this busy season. And I usually cook a simple meal that day. But this Thanksgiving I thought I'd try a vegan Thanksgiving and cook a Tofurkey. It took longer to cook than expected but much shorter than a huge turkey. It came out golden brown and full of stuffing. The sweet potatoes I roasted were rich and flavorful but healthfully prepared. The meal was topped off with a side of sauteed Kale. Well how was my vegan Thanksgiving?

I loved the kale and sweet potatoes, even though they were missing the traditional marshmallows and tons of butter. The Tofurkey was okay. You know there are some meats that aren't easily faked. So next year if I cook, will be a Cornish hen or turkey breast. It was a fun experiment though and inspired me to cook next Thanksgiving if I'm not able to join friends or family.

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