Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 91: Thankful Today for Daniel Chapter 2

It is interesting to me how God used dreams in the Old Testament to raise someone to a high level. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream and he was appointed to oversee the kingdom. Daniel interpreted the king's dream and he was also appointed to oversee part of the kingdom. Both men stepped out in faith when giving the interpretations of the dreams.

Daniel faced death but believed God would give him the interpretation and delivered it to the king. Even if Daniel believed he had heard the message from God. He had no assurance except his faith that the king would favorably receive it. God came through, but also Daniel had to take that step out in faith to receive God's blessing. His life was not only spared but he and his friends promoted to high places.

Chapter 2 reveals so much about our God: his creativity, his love for his people, his provision for his people, his power over even the unbelieving. And so much more... God is an awesome God who desires us to walk in faith and he will walk with us along that journey.

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